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Sales & Service Order Generator

Sales & Service Order Generation - SO, The sale personnel made Quote or Sales Proposal; now the customer sent a purchase order. ManageB2B One Business Solution is waiting for is the back office user to compare the two documents and click to generate the SO. How many seconds does that take?

ERM's Order Generator performs these tasks:

  • Test for all necessary sales management approvals and credit approval before proceeding
  • Book and possibly split the order (e.g. products vs. services), assign Bill To and Ship To information, initialize the shipment or service deployment schedules
  • Move the Quote from sales rep control to company history
  • Create the “Backlog” and adjust Inventory status (increase Allocation and decrease Available)
  • Adjust the statistics in Forecast reports
  • Make information available for a procurement PO to a Vendor/supplier
  • Make information available to prepare an Invoice (regular or deferred revenue)
  • Begin the Commission process

This module replaces the human tasks of copying Quote information from the sales rep’s CRM data to the Back Office fulfillment scheduler,and more.

Front Office - Sales Back Office - Finance
CRM: Leads - Contacts - Accounts MRP - WMS - Inventory
Special Sales Items Procurement
Opportunities & Projects SO Process & Backlog
Price List & Inventory Invoice & Deferred Rev.
Sales Proposals & Quotes Accounts Receivable
Sales & Service Orders - SO Business Reports (BI)
Sales & Inventory Forecast Sales Tax Records
Sales Commissions Accounts Payable
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