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ERM Procurement

Our Purchasing module provides a comprehensive range of functionalities from the selection of manufacturers (suppliers), purchase order handling and follow-up to stock receipt and invoice control. At all times, your Purchasing Manager will have quick and easy access to all the pertinent information. The Purchasing module is fully integrated into the ERM information flow via our Intelligence Engine™ functionality, providing complete insight regarding all purchasing information.

Purchasing departments engage in forecasts that are complex and often have long-term time frames. They are also tasked with handling a constantly-changing array of suppliers, components and materials.

Orders can be generated automatically. The data contained in the printed purchase order is immediately transferred to the ERM Accounting module and the cash forecast is adjusted in real-time.

The procurement module takes a few mouse clicks to create a Purchase Order and make ready for order tracking, drop shipment, staging and history. You may even have a trusted vendor enter order status from anywhere in the world, at any time. When items arrive, a few clicks record their quantity, time and arrival place. Their transfer paperwork, virtual invoice and ultimate location are just a few more clicks.

Locations,  Locations,  Locations and  Unlimited Locations!

Includes: Finished Goods (FGs), WIPs, WIP-Demo's, WIP-RMAs, WIP-Service's, WIP-Reserved's, etc.

In this Procurement module the appropriate Procurement specialist:

  • Creates new POs:
    • For one location or more
    • To fill pending orders
    • To Drop Ship to Customer
    • To restock or for work in progress
    • For a Fixed Asset
    • To vendors with your assigned G/L Accounts (e.g. POM)
  • Revises POs
  • Enters and edits Vendor information
  • Makes and awaits purchase approvals (configurable)
  • Sends email internally requesting approvals, and orders to vendors
  • Receives PO items:
    • That were ordered (ERM has the PO) for merchandise or Manufacturing
    • That will be Fixed Assets (ERM tracks and depreciates)


  • Views PO history, POs received
  • Views Inventory Reports
  • ERM records these transactions in your General Ledger automatically.
  • ERM enables tracking ordered items that have significant travel times and definite Stages (e.g. imports), which it will record and show.
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