ManageB2B Cloud Computing ERP is the next generation business platform with built-in CRM and SFA for subscription or purchase. ManageB2B ERP, enterprise resource planning is designed for B2B/SMBs.

Price List & Inventory

The ManageB2B One Business Solution Price List automates Quote generation. Every item that you purvey, whether it is tangible stock, made-to-order or a service, is on the Price List. It is flexible, as large as you need and easy to update. In fact, as you ship and receive goods, ManageB2B updates your inventory status and your company books! The Price List provides sales department with a complete inventory details and availability. The Sales Rep uses the information to make a rapid response to RFQ. It is configurable per user / sales rep

Your ManageB2B Price List is the list of the things you sell, including your services and their list prices. Click a service item to go into your Quote or Order, and then adjust the price as needed.

Your Price List may also include the tangible items in your inventory. For them, the ManageB2B One Solution gives their Status quantities:

    • Finished Goods
    • On Order
    • Allocated to orders
    • Available

    Additionally, the Price List has the inventory type:

    • Master
    • Assembly
    • Component

    It also has the:

    • Master
    • Assembly
    • Component
    • Stock Number
    • UPC
    • Item Number
    • Model Number
    • Master Category
    • Manufacturer
    • Business Unit
    • List Price
    • Current Cost
    • Description
    • Item ID

    You may build a Price List Report that shows items by

    • Item ID
    • Part Number
    • Component
    • Stock Number
    • Model
    • Master Category
    • Category
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