Cloud Computing CRM - the Customer Relationship Management module receives and updates information about Leads, Accounts and Contacts. ERM uses information from here in your Quotes, Orders and Invoices.

Customer Portal

Open for business even when your sign says closed

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, customers expect 24/7 access to information. So, even though you have to sleep sometime, ManageB2B’s ERM allows your customers to transact business (whether sales-related or service-related) with you round-the-clock through our Customer Portal.

Imagine customer-satisfaction levels when they can log-in to the Enterprise Resource Manager to gain access all their sales and service information. Once implemented, they will be able to:

  • Place new Orders
    • Have access to their Price List
    • In addition, Discounts can be pre-configured to meet individual customer requirements
  • Create a Service Ticket
  • View Escalations and SLAs
  • Report Bugs (informational, no action requested)
  • Request for RMA
  • View their entire relationship with you with:
    • My Account Status
    • My Account Balance
    • My Account Backlog
    • My Shipment History
    • My Invoice History
    • My Service Contract(s)
    • My Open Support Issues
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