ManageB2B Web-based Accounting ERP is integrated in the Total Web-based Business Management Solution for subscription or purchase. ManageB2B ERP, enterprise resource planning is designed for B2B/SMBs.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (A/R) module allows you to bill your customers as orders are shipped, and then track payments as they are received. Because our Intelligence Engine™ routes the flow of data from other ERM modules, the A/R Module is systematically populates with the appropriate data. This means that your staff no longer has to spend needless time tracking down paperwork and re-enter the data into your accounting system. Additionally, since customer and supplier invoices are automatically populated in the A/R Module, you optimize your cash management processes.

Moreover, ManageB2B’s A/R module supports comprehensive item management and control for prepayments, installment payments and past-due invoices. A flexible payment application function is provided, permitting users to enter payments on account, apply them fully or partially against specific invoices, or across a range of invoices based on your user-defined criteria.

The Accounts Receivable specialist enters:

  • Payment amounts received toward your Invoices
  • Their payment methods (e.g. check, wire)
  • Their check numbers
  • Which Bank Account gets the deposit (for the General Ledger)
  • Any credit due the customer to be applied to the Invoice total
  • In the AR module, ERM:
  • Immediately adjusts the customer amount due and the AR Aging Report
  • Automatically records AR transactions in your General ledger, keeping balance
  • Records, for an Advance Payment (Deferred Revenue) transaction, the AR and payment transactions according to generally accepted accounting practices
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