ManageB2B Web-based Accounting ERP is integrated in the Total Web-based Business Management Solution for subscription or purchase. ManageB2B ERP, enterprise resource planning is designed for B2B/SMBs.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable (A/P) module allows you to enter vendor invoices for purchases made by your company, and the freedom to create checks for the invoices you want to pay, when you want to pay them. The system will show you a complete listing of your payables and allow you to manage your disbursements based on your specific cash management criteria. You can cut a check to pay for all invoices due; only those for a particular vendor; or only for specific invoices, all within the system.

Should one of your vendors ever call you to discuss an invoice, you will have complete information at your fingertips and that history can be kept indefinitely. Our A/P module also allows you to update both the purchase orders in Purchase Management, as well as actual job costs. Adjustments are created if the purchase price does not match the invoiced price. With the ManageB2B A/P module, you will know how much you owe and when it is due.

Accounts Payable (AP)

The Accounts Payable module gives the appropriate users flexible and complete access to your orders and order histories in order to manage payments to vendors in exactly the ways that best serve the company.

The AP Module provides these Data Lists:

  • Virtual AP Invoices (with data that ERM stored during PO generating and Receiving) with:
    • Your PO number
    • The remittance address
    • The Invoice Number
    • The Invoice Date
    • The Due Date
    • Your General Ledger Account category
    • Your Business Unit and Department/Region
    • Whether you distribute costs to multiple G/L Accounts and/or Business Units
    • Whether you are making a 1099 payment
  • AP Invoice History
  • Received PO items
  • Your Vendor List
  • Your Invoice Payment History


The AP Module provides these Processes:

  • Accounting specialist selects Invoices for payment
  • Controller approves selected Invoices for payment
  • Roll back an AP check before printing it
  • Process & Print AP Checks, including MICR numbers
  • You may print voided check copies for your records
  • Roll back an AP check after printing it
  • Check Update:
    • Remove check from the AP Print Check Data List
    • Remove Invoice(s) from the AP Aging report.
    • Remove total check amounts from Available Cash
    • Remove total check amounts from Liabilities
  • Void Checks—undo the check updates


The AP Module provides these Reports:

  • AP Aging—Your outstanding accounts payable between dates
  • AP by General Ledger Account
  • AP Daily Cash Requirement —payments due by dates due
  • Journal Entry—Amounts of AP money paid or not paid yet between dates
  • Credit/Discount
  • Payment Register


The AP Module lets the appropriate user:

  • Build a new vendor virtual invoice when you issued no PO (e.g. to record a utility bill due)
  • Create a new AP General Ledger Account
  • Manually make an AP G/L Account entry (ERM keeps balance)

ManageB2B provides Web-based Accounting ERP Solution that is completely integrated in the Web-based ERP System with built-in CRM, SFA and Service Desk for subscription or purchase. The highly affordable Total Web-based Business Management solution delivers a pain killer for B2Bs and SMBs.

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