ManageB2B's Enterprise Resource Manager (ERM) comes with a powerful Accounting Software solution for small and medium businesses in the B2B industry with built-in CRM, SFA and Service Desk for subscription.

ERM Administration

ERM Administration module (AppAdmin) is customer-configurable to meet their business needs. For example, a company can have multiple addresses e.g. Corporate and Regions and multiple AR Remit To’s; it can upload its logo and set up the fiscal year start date for Sales Forecasting.

ManageB2B’s Administration Module is the focal point for creating a powerful and cohesive ERM application that conforms to best practices and tailored to your specific processes. In addition to your employees, it enables you to provide a web-based portal for your customers, partners, and vendors, allowing creation, modification, and deletion of user accounts, role-specific views, task designation and responsibility, as well as pertinent company information. The configurable components, include the following and more;

  • Basic Company Information, including:
    • Address
    • Fiscal Year and Quarters
    • Standard Remit To addresses
    • Various T&C, and
    • Logo upload
  • Employees
  • Business Units/Subsidiaries/Divisions
  • Management. Approvals/Configuration Approvals (for non-standard deals)
  • Customers
  • SFA customization
  • Lead sourcing
  • Partners
  • Approved Manufacturers
  • Products
  • Payment Terms
  • Service Actions

Each of these is configurable to meet your specific business style.  For example, a company can have multiple addresses (i.e. Corporate Headquarters and Regional Offices each having multiple Remit To’s based on your specific needs and corporate policy.

Cohesion across your business ecosystem plays a vital role in determining your company’s long-term success. It is our goal to continually evolve and deliver a solution that embraces such a concept. We have created intuitive business modules and portals that allow you and your team to engage your partners and customers 24/7, so that your business is able to run around-the-clock.

Learn why few of today’s providers will be able to compete with our patent-pending unified database and multi-tenant architecture (SOA).

All configurations include ERM’s Core Module. It contains all of the core functionality required throughout the application to ensure continuity, performance and data integrity (including a powerful Search Engine to avoid input duplication).

Our Intelligence Engine™ populates data across the modules (as appropriate) and ensures that all modules properly interact any time that key events (data entry or modification) and activities take place on the system.

Front Office - Sales Back Office - Finance
CRM: Leads - Contacts - Accounts MRP - WMS - Inventory
Special Sales Items Procurement
Opportunities & Projects SO Process & Backlog
Price List & Inventory Invoice & Deferred Rev.
Sales Proposals & Quotes Accounts Receivable
Sales & Service Orders - SO Business Reports (BI)
Sales & Inventory Forecast Sales Tax Records
Sales Commissions Accounts Payable
Service, Support & RMA G/L - Fixed Assets - Dashboard
eCommerce - Integrated ERM Administration